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I stopped using Apple Maps for Google Maps

I had been using Apple Maps since it first came out in 2012. I knew Apple Maps had struggles from the beginning, but I didn't care; thankfully I didn't face any problem with Apple Maps. Most importantly, Apple Maps's UI is much better than Google Maps. And I like to stick with stock apps unless those are horribly bad. After using Google Maps app for few weeks, I chose to switch from Apple Maps completely. 


The problems I faced with Apple Maps

Before I moved to the city, a college town I lived for 4 years was small and quiet. There's hardly any traffic jam I experienced while I was there. And Apple Maps was good enough to direct me to the destination I wanted to go in this environment. But then I faced few challenges:

  1. Directions were sometimes not clear enough. 
  2. While driving, I have to swipe up twice to open a control center when Apple Maps is in a navigation mode. This was crucial to me since The only way to control my music was that method. 
  3. A traffic information. Google Maps has better traffic information, suggests alternative routes, and shows estimated time with the traffic. 

Since I always listen music while I'm in a car, the second issue was very critical. As I moved to the big city, facing different traffic jams also drove me nuts and hated how stupid Apple Maps was in that situation.


Practicality over aesthetics

I started trying out Google Maps to see how well it treated the traffic situation. Google Maps showed a few informations: different routes, estimated time, and traffic status on each route. Even though I knew I would face the traffic, I could at least try to try a better route with those. I could also easily control the music. Google Maps has a similar gesture which shows the list of directions. I sometimes opened that one instead of the control center, but it rarely happens now as I get used to the app.


Showing which lane to stay is a killer feature.


The app is not as pretty as Apple Maps. But the overall features were much better. Direction information was much clear, showing which lane to stay was so helpful to be ready, and checking traffic information was quick and informative before making a trip. 

So, I gave up the aesthetics. It rarely happens, but it happened. I have to say though. Google Maps' interface isn't that bad. Apple Maps just offer better UI. But it interrupted my music life, and the data is simply incomparable. I guess I just wish Google Maps can eventually integrated its Maps app as Apple's. I'm sure it will never happen though.