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* This post does not contain any spoiler

  • This movie is all about imagination. This happens every single time as I watch Nolan's movie, but I was very amazed with his imagination in this.
  • I have never watched a movie '2001: A Space Odyssey' since this movie is way too old and was not really interested, but I heard a lot of elements that used in Interstellar came from this. I guess Nolan really loved that movie which kind of makes me want to watch it.
  • The music. Hans Zimmer. Ugh. He's perfect. Him and Nolan are perfect. The perfect moment with great scene and music. I felt so much thrill at those moments.
  • It was sort of boring. The movie is 2 hours and 49 minutes. Almost 3 hours. Probably one of the longest movies that I've ever watched. There were few scenes that I was born or distracted for sure. But it wasn't too bad honestly. It's just... really long.
  • This movie is made to be screened on IMAX. Thank goodness I watched this I'm IMAX. Unfortunately not 70mm format though since there's no 70mm IMAX theater in Oregon. But the theater I went had a gigantic screen with pretty nice sound system. I really really enjoyed the experience.
  • Science talk in this movie confused me a bit. It might be because I'm not familiar with science vocabulary. But I'm pretty sure some people in general might have similar issue as myself. 
  • I'm not sure I would want to watch this movie again since it was drastically long. But If I choose to, it will be IMAX again. IMAX.
  • Please watch this movie. Whether you love or hate this movie, the imagination and overall composition are still worth spending about 3 hours.