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Routine places I visit in Portland for eats


There are so many hot and new places to eat in Portland. Since I do not live in Portland, I always try to have good food whenever I visit the city. These are the places I visit frequently that I love to go when I visit Portland.



1. Grassa

One of the best and affordable pasta places in Portland. The menu always change on each day based on the ingredient. Very clean and delicious pastas have never failed me. I can see open kitchen and see chefs making their own pasta noodles. Such a lovely place.


2. Blue Star Donuts

Voodoo doughnut is really famous in Portland, but it's just for visitors. The real goodness is here: Blue Star Donuts. This fantastic dessert place is on the same building with Grassa. Therefore, it became my routine to have lunch from Grassa and eat donuts at the Blue Star Donuts. Their donut is the best I have ever experienced. That's all I can say.


3. Lovely's Fifty-Fifty

It's neither traditional American nor Italian style. I can't distinguish where the origin is, but what I know for sure is that this place makes amazing pizza. Opening at 5 pm, I like to order one pizza and homemade kombucha for pleasant dinner.