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Welcoming my fourth Android phone, Nexus 6

I have never thought of purchasing Nexus 6, but, well, here I am. After few hurdles, I own Nexus 6. After the launch of T-Mobile's charming 2-line plan, I chose to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile. Finally.

After my decision, choosing the new phone was actually an easy process, because there's no way I would buy the Android phones with manufacturers' ugly customization. And I wanted to make sure I get the fastest update. My previous device, Moto X(2013), was decent, at least. But I sort of wanted to get Nexus phone this time. Simply put, I have never used the Nexus device yet. 

T-Mobile's current device listing made my decision much easier. It does not sell Moto X(2014) yet and Nexus 5 is not available anymore. Nexus 6 was the only choice. It was pricey($649), but I really didn't have any choice and I would pay in 24-month payment anyway. So I went for it.

It's very unfortunate that I do not have my good camera, Nikon D600, with me right now because of a replacement process at Nikon USA. I tried to take some photos with my iPhone 6 but I was not really satisfied. So here are few screenshots instead.

I realized that when I got a new Android phone and played with it for few minutes, I was very impressed. Then I missed my iPhone after 10 minutes of play time. This, Nexus 6, was exactly the same. I am truly amazed with what Google has done on the Android OS. It's still Android, but it feels not. Smooth animation, useful features, speedy performances. I loved it. Nexus 6 has (literally)6-inch AMOLED display. It's not too saturated, and big. Really big. But you know what? I got used to this screen and my iPhone 6 felt so small after.

Then I started missing iPhone. First of all, iMessage. After losing my phone number from my iPhone, I had to send messages on both iPhone and Nexus 6, and this situation is not new to me. Then iCloud. Few critical datas such as 1Password had to be changed or imported from iCloud. Thank God there's Dropbox, but it's still not as seamless as iCloud. Last, but most importantly, Camera. Nexus 6's camera is basically unusable. It might be the problem with the built-in Google Camera app, and I don't care. The stock camera app should product at least decent quality, and Nexus 6 fails to meet my criteria.

I will definitely talk more about Nexus 6 in near future. It's definitely a very interesting device. Something that I really love. Can't wait to take some good product shots with D610, too.